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  FREE Domain Name Locking for Your Convenience and Security!

Domain Name Locking is FREE with your new domain name registration or domain name transfer allowing you to Lock your Domain names for maximum security and protection. Domain Name Lock is fast, easy to enable, and keeps your valuable Domain Names secure. When you choose domain "Locking" in your Domain control panel, our technology puts the names in Registrar Domain Name Lock. This means they are secure not only on our site, but also at the ICANN Registry, the highest level of domain administration management. Domain Names help4u Domain Name Locking provides an additional layer of protection from inadvertent changes to your Domain's Name Servers (DNS), which could make your Website inaccessible.

But even more important to you, Domain Names help4u Domain Name Lock prevents unauthorized transfers from even being initiated!

Usually all you need to do to transfer a domain name is to go to the new Registrar's website and request the transfer. The new Registrar sends the request to the Registry who then forwards it on to the current Registrar. We already reject those requests unless you tell us specifically to go ahead with the transfer. However, if your domain name is Locked, the Registry will reject the transfer request immediately for you. There's no need for you to respond to any notice from us, the transfer is denied before it even gets started!

If you decide you do need to transfer your domain name elsewhere, change the name servers, etc., simply log in to your account and turn the lock off by un-checking the Domain Name Lock check box. It's that simple, and best of all, it's FREE.

While other companies charge as much as $10 a year for Domain Name Locking, Domain Names help4u Superstore provides you with the identical service absolutely FREE and of course our Domain Registration prices are the best on the Internet.

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